How I Serve Clients

When people are injured at work, they are entitled to the full measure of compensation provided under the law.  Unfortunately, there are often many disagreements concerning the medical treatment, compensation, and degree of disability in a worker’s claim.

Our legal practice is largely focused on helping injured workers understand and obtain the full benefits to which they are entitled.  Upon learning about each client’s case, including past medical treatment, expected course of recovery, and the anticipated impact on vocational ability, I’m able to advise clients about what benefits and compensation should be sought and how I can help.

I take each client’s case to heart.  I understand that injured workers often have families counting on them and that their injury can greatly impact their future income.  It is my job to critically understand the medical and vocational aspects of each client’s injury, effectively advocate in seeking full and fair compensation, and to take their case through the appellate process when claims are not being fairly decided.


When not in the office, Sara enjoys volunteering at her church, quilting, and spending time with her husband and son.

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