Our Staff

We take pride in our outstanding staff, who provide excellent service, commitment and dedication to our clients.

Our staff

Samantha Vitatoe has been with us since 2023. She is the workers’ compensation legal assistant for David Lauman and is the firm’s litigation scheduler.
Laura Kessler has been with the firm since 2018. She is the workers’ compensation legal assistant for Sara Sanders.

Donna Drew joined us in 2006 and is the firm’s file clerk.
Linda Layton has been our receptionist since 2021.


Caitlin Sio joined the firm in 2023. She is the personal injury legal assistant to David Snell, David Lauman, and Sara Sanders. She is also the firm’s arbitration scheduler.
Patti Klein has been our transcriptionist since 2001. She is also our bookkeeper.


Dawn LaRiviere joined us in 2016. She is the legal assistant for Kathryn Comfort and workers compensation legal assistant for David Snell.

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