How I Serve Clients

A workplace injury can be devastating–not only for the injured worker, but also for the worker’s family.

I help workers during the low ebbs of their careers; usually when there is uncertainty and financial concern about their future.  My goal is to immediately assist injured workers so they can keep their families financially intact during these very difficult times.

I know what clients are fighting for.

In the litigation arena, I help clients by explaining the legal process and by anticipating tactics likely to be used by the opposition to minimize benefits.  I work to ensure that clients receive all medical treatment and vocational assistance the law allows.  When clients cannot return to their previous occupation, my focus is on getting them real job training so they can transition effectively to the next stage of their careers.

When clients are unable to work, they are entitled to disability benefits from the Social Security Administration; however, this administration typically makes it very difficult (and time consuming) to receive appropriate benefits.  As an experienced Washington social security disability benefits lawyer, I represent clients in advancing their case and seeking, when possible, to reduce the time required for a proper benefits determination by anticipating and providing the necessary documentation required.


David and his wife Amy have four adult children, all of whom live in the Puget Sound region.  David enjoys a broad spectrum of interests and pursuits, including running, camping, skiing, sports of all kinds, many church-related activities, and, more recently, grandparenting.